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Lonestar Tech Systems Ltd Leading the telecommunications market in Israel.

Our company is the main distributor of global brand - NEC communications products concern.
NEC is a  manufactures and operates in most areas of telecommunications, computing (servers, laptops) cellular, audio, digital media, security cameras MIL. NEC is considered one of five major media companies and major world and is the world leader in sales of telephone exchanges hotels.

Lonestar company specializes in providing advanced communications solutions to businesses and markets exclusively in Israel's central servers VOIP phone based technologies from the Japanese NEC Corporation.

Lonestar provides its customers a variety of services, products and advanced communications solutions in all platforms.

Lonestar CEO has 40 years of experience in management, marketing and sales in the Israeli media.

Technical director of the company has the technical experience of 24 years in most of the major types of existing telephone and auxiliary systems.

Contact Us:

Thank you for your interest in Lonestart systems tech

Hapardes 22 Bazra
P.O.BOX: 333
Zip code: 6094400


Phone: +972 722-770-670

Fax: +972 99746677


Main activities


  • Marketing and deployment of media servers and NEC's telecommunication solutions.

  • remote PBX IP connection.

  • Selling PRI channels (digital lines).

  • Advanced solutions for voice mail, call routers and music on hold.

  • Call accouting systems.

  • Call recording systems for all types of lines

  • Systems Services Hotline - CALL CENTER

  • CTI Systems

  • IVR systems

  • Smart infrastructure

  • Providing insurance, service and maintenance of the NEC products

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