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UNIVERGE® SV8100 Interactive Voice Response

Customized Functions to Fit Your Business

Success for the small to medium-sized business is often dependant upon the efficient delivery of services that keep customers satisfied. NEC’s UNIVERGE SV8100 Interactive Voice Response (IVR) helps you provide those services while offering an immediate return on investment (ROI).
The SV8100 IVR is also extremely cost-effective because the application resides on an internal blade equipped with the IVR compact flash. This flash drive enables you to easily download specific IVR script templates for turnkey installation. Templates for Appointment Reminder, Customer Information Inquiry, Employee Timesheet and Sales Order Entry are available for download to IVR users at no cost. Additionally, NEC Professional Services can work with users to develop templates customized to fit their needs.


Appointment Reminder
Appointment Reminder optimizes scheduling and provides your clients reminders about their previously scheduled appointments. It reduces missed appointments and last minute cancellations by instructing the

At a Glance

• Appointment Reminder

• Customer Information Inquiry

• Employee Time Sheet

• Sales Order Entry

• Additional Customization Options

phone system to automatically call clients and remind them of their upcoming appointments. When customers receive Appointment Reminder calls, they are provided options to confirm their appointments, cancel, or to speak with a customer service representative.
This script can be customized for any office where lost appointments can cause lost revenue. While appointment reminders are often used in medical, dental and veterinary offices, any office can benefit from this script.

Customer Information Inquiry
Customer Information Inquiry provides callers with the information they need 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. This application effectively gives organizations extra help to cover phones outside of regular business hours by providing the answers to common customer inquiries on demand. It frees agents to help solve more complicated calls and can effectively extend your service hours through the information it can provide. Additionally, the IVR can be further customized to perform promotional inquiries, access hotel location information and find policy information.
Employee Timesheet
Employee Timesheet is designed to accurately track offsite worker check-in and check-out times and locations via telephone. This application can save your organization money by precisely tracking overtime and other exception time hours. This real-time capturing and storage of employee hours also saves organizations money by reducing data entry time for payroll, reducing timesheet errors and providing a faster billing time. Supervisors can also use this application to manage employee absence and tardiness before it becomes a problem.

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