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MyCalls Call Centre
Bringing professional call centre performance to SMBs

Intelligent call routing is fundamental to call centre operations, irrespective of scale. The NEC SV8100 system has a powerful, robust Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system.

MyCalls Call Centre is tightly integrated into this to provide
supervisors with the controls, real-time visual cues and
management information that are required to sustain high
levels of call-handling efficiency. ACD manages multiple
queues on the telephone system distributing calls evenly,
following a set of logical rules in an attempt to ensure that no
individual is overloaded while others are idle, and that calls are
routed to agents with the most relevant skill-set.

Activity display
The MyCalls screen display gives a detailed real-time view not
just of agent activity but also about key service parameters
like numbers of callers in queue and call waiting times. To
ensure service levels are maintained supervisors can log
additional agents into ACD queues from their own teams or

from other departments, which offer similar skill-sets. This isall arranged simply and quickly from the supervisor’s MyCallsdesktop. Additional alarms are provided to help manage ACDactivity efficiently, for example queue overflow warnings ormaximum times that agents may remain in a given state, e.g.,after call activities (often referred to as ‘wrap up’). Supervisorsare also able to select and configure performance statisticsthat can appear on the screens of their agents or on plasmawallboards to drive the achievement of agreed servicestandards.Performance management and skills training are enhancedby the detailed activity reports that are generated by MyCallsin conjunction with call recordings made using MyCalls CallRecorder.

קול סנטר

MyCalls Agent Control
Call management made easy

Agent Control provided by MyCalls Call Centre is a two-way process. Not only does it provide the essential information
for supervisors to maintain call-handling service levels, it also empowers agents with greater flexibility to deal with call traffic.


קול סנטר לונסטאר

An Agent Control toolbar on every agent’s desktop enables
them to log in and out of ACD queues and display their
current status. Because call queues are visible on screen or
plasma display, agents can often enter other queues on their
own initiative to lend support to hard pressed colleagues.

Agent status
Conditions such as Available, Wrap Up (handling after call
activity) or natural break and other reasons specified by the
business can be selected from the toolbar. Supervisors can
add other reasons specific to their business, for example,
some agents may be required to spend time picking parts to
fulfil orders they have taken earlier. This flexibility helps a team

work with greater efficiency, especially where staff resourcesare limited. Because the different work states are alwaysspecified in real time, it enables supervisors to maintain moreeffective control over service levels and to run extremelyaccurate reports on agent activity.

Key benefits

Flexible working – Empowering agents to log in and outof service enables any organisation to make better use oflimited staff resources.

Better Management Control – Busy managers save timebecause user-defined controls & alerts are only triggeredwhen exceptions occur to defined service standards.

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