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פתרונות תקשורת לבתי חולים

Ensuring quality and efficiency when it matters most


The number one challenge for all health care providers is to continually enhance the quality of care for their patients. Yet they must also enhance the overall efficiency of their institution: patient expectation increases year-on-year, yet pressure on budgets and staff continually intensifies.

Efficient, effective health care delivery requires easy access to patient information and fast, effective communications among patients, nurses, therapists, and doctors, both on site, and at remote locations.

When healthcare workers are easily contacted and directed to prioritized activities, the whole organization becomes much more effi cient. What’s more, contacting the right member of staff without delay is not only efficient, it’s imperative to providing the right medical treatment at the point it is needed.

In addition to quality care, healthcare institutions must also provide their patients with a comfortable, welcoming and friendly experience. And our communication solutions make a positive impact on the patient at every level of the patient experience – starting with the initial call.



NEC Solutions for Healthcare


NEC offers a comprehensive portfolio communications and IT solutions for Care and Cure. Our  services and solutions are designed to improve clinical communications, workflow and cost savings and enable better patient care, safety and satisfaction. These include:

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